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    Tips for Making Your Windows Safer for Your Kids

    Last updated 4 months ago

    Safe windows are extremely important for homes with children. Poorly-maintained or damaged windows cause thousands of injuries among children in the U.S. each year. Implementing a few simple safety practices can protect your child around the windows of your home.

    Don’t Rely On Screens
    One of the most common window safety misconceptions is that a screen will prevent a child from falling out of a window. However, in 80% of window fall cases, parents report a screen was present. Screens are not meant to be a safety measure and should never be relied upon to keep your child safe around an open window. If you have small children in your home, install a window guard or stop in any window you plan to open. Window guards and stops are permanent fixtures designed to act as safety measures that will prevent a child from falling.

    Don’t Leave Children Unattended
    Many children fall out of windows after being left unattended even for short periods of time. Never leave a small child alone near an open window—children are both curious and quick, and may climb out a window before you realize what is happening. Additionally, it’s a good practice to teach your child never to play near any window, open or closed. Establish a safe distance, such as two to three “giant” steps, where your child is allowed to play.

    Don’t Ignore Window Damage
    Poorly-maintained windows can easily cause a fall or injure a child. Inspect your home’s windows at least once a year for signs of damage such as cracked glass, rotting wood, or warped frames. Have your windows repaired or replaced immediately by a professional if you spot signs of damage.

    Wallside Windows wants to encourage child safety around your home’s windows. Every product comes with a 35-year guarantee because we are the factory! Our professional installers have the experience and dedication to providing excellent customer service that puts us in a class above the rest. Click through our website or call us today at (313) 292-4400 to learn about our window and glass options.

    Wallside Windows Every Second Window Free!

    Last updated 4 months ago

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    February 27, 2014 - March 11, 2014

    What Are Blackout Shades?

    Last updated 4 months ago

    Blackout shades are window shades designed to completely block all incoming light. These shades have many different applications. A blackout shade may be used to create a healthy sleeping environment during the day. Blackout shades can also eliminate incident sunlight to prevent heating of a room during the summer. A blackout shade can be the sole shade covering a window, or blackout liners can be added to pre-existing blinds and shades. You can also choose to use blackout curtains to cover a window, rather than a rolling or accordion shade. Various materials are used in blackout shades; the most effective blackout shades are made with fiberglass, while others contain plastic or vinyl. A blackout shade can be mounted for manual or remote operation, providing you with convenience suited to your needs.

    Wallside Windows is dedicated to bringing you value and service that can’t be topped in the Detroit area. Our top-of-the-line replacement windows are installed by experienced professionals who will get the job done quickly and properly the first time. If you’d like to learn more, call us at (313) 292-4400 to speak with a window professional about your needs. 

    How to Choose Window Treatments for a Baby's Room

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Decorating your nursery is an excellent way to prepare for the arrival of a new baby. Window treatments complement the décor in this room while offering control over the amount of incoming light

    This video offers tips for choosing the best window treatments for your baby’s room. Long panels of gauze or cotton provide great functionality and style. Valences or sheer draperies add personality to the room and are available in any color and style you’d like.

    Wallside Windows specializes in replacement window installation throughout the Detroit area. Contact us by calling (313) 292-4400 to learn more about our 35-year guarantee and top-quality customer service. You can find more inspiration and tips for decorating your home’s windows on our blog.

    Uncovering the Latest Trends in Window Treatments

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Window treatments soften the lines of a window while dressing it up to enhance your home’s interior. There are many types of window treatments available, ranging from short valences to long-paneled curtains and shades. Wallside Windows invites you to take a look below and discover the latest trends in window treatments to inspire your home décor.

    Organic Materials
    The use of organic and eco-friendly materials in window treatments is on the rise. Bamboo is a particularly popular option, whether in the form of wooden blinds or a fabric shade. Other popular woods include birch and maple, which feature beautiful grain patterns and give any room a warm glow when used as blinds or shades. Thinly-woven organic shades allow light to enter and afford an outdoor view without compromising your privacy.

    Luxury Fabrics
    Luxurious fabrics such as silk, damask, velvet, and suede are ideal for decorating windows in a home that features traditional, vintage, or eclectic style. These window treatments are often dressed up further with crystals, lace, beading, tassels, and cords. Many homes use these fabrics in bold colors and textures to draw attention to windows or the view beyond. Grosgrain ribbon and velvet detailing are popular ways to accessorize window treatments and can also be used to stylishly hide the route holes in stringed blinds. 

    Long Panels
    Long panels can be used to create either a traditional or modern window treatment. When allowed to fall naturally to the ground, thin panels highlight the sleek lines of a contemporary room. Gathered panels create a more classical, elegant feel, especially when paired with thick cording and tassels. Silk is one of the most popular choices for these types of window treatments, which are often used to decorate bay windows.

    Let Wallside Windows help you make the right choice in replacement windows for your home. We offer a wide range of product options including air conditioner inserts, Marble-Lite sills and benches, and specialty windows. Check us out on the web for more design inspiration, or call (313) 292-4400 to discuss your replacement windows today. 

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