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    The Latest Trends in Kitchen Window Treatments

    Last updated 4 months ago

    Few things rejuvenate a kitchen more than installing new windows and beautiful window treatments. Watch this video clip to see what HGTV recommends when it comes to kitchen window treatments.

    Bold drapes are becoming more popular in today’s kitchens. Look for bright colors, big patterns, and vibrant designs. Horizontal blinds and shutters are more modern and visually appealing than skinny vertical blinds of years past. For an earthy yet dramatic window treatment, consider chestnut brown shutters, which are very popular at the moment. Eco-conscious bamboo window treatments are not only sustainable, but they are also energy-efficient and bacteria resistant. For more kitchen window treatment ideas, watch the video clip.

    Wallside Windows has all of the latest window designs for your kitchen. Visit our website to browse our virtual window showroom, or stop by our factory showroom located just outside of Detroit. To speak with one of our window specialists, please call us at (313) 292-4400. All of our windows come with a 35-year guarantee.

    Tips for Reducing the Condensation on Your Windows this Winter

    Last updated 4 months ago

    Waking up on a cold Michigan morning to see condensation on your windows, blocking your view of the winter wonderland, may seem like an unavoidable phenomenon of the season. Not only is it annoying, but it is also harmful because the moisture from condensation eventually rots the sashes, frames, and sills of your new windows. Fortunately, following some simple window care tips can reduce window condensation and the damage that comes with it.

    Replace Older Windows

    Window condensation builds up when hot, humid air inside the home comes into contact with cold, dry air from outside. One of the best ways to reduce condensation is to invest in well-insulated, double-pane windows. These windows feature two panes of glass that are sometimes separated by a layer of insulation in the middle. By shielding the indoor air from coming into contact with the outside air, you can reduce condensation, make your home warmer, and even reduce your energy bill.

    Raise the Thermostat 
    Many homes in Michigan have gas furnaces, which supply heat by pushing dry, hot air into the home. If you have a gas heater, make sure that enough air from the heater is flowing over the windows, as this will lower the humidity level and reduce window condensation. If you have an electric heater, humidity may build up quickly in your home in winter; purchasing a portable dehumidifier will help control humidity levels.

    Use Bathroom and Kitchen Fans
    Cooking and showering both produce moisture which clings to the windows and causes condensation. If your home comes with recirculating fans in the bathroom and kitchen, be sure to use them. If your home doesn’t have a bathroom or kitchen fan, invest in them to help curb window condensation.

    At Wallside Windows we are happy to help you reduce window condensation in your home. Come to our factory showroom in Taylor, just outside of Detroit, to ask our window experts for advice on reducing window condensation. Browse our selection of double-pane windows online, and call us at (313) 292-4400 for more information.


    A Look at Your Window Configuration Options

    Last updated 4 months ago

    There are multiple factors that you have to consider when installing new windows in your home. One of the most important of these factors, however, is whether to get windows that are permanently closed or that can open. Fixed windows are the most immobile of all window types. While they look fantastic and come in numerous different styles, they cannot open, which can be a downside for some people. Windows that can partially open are casement and awning windows, which have hinges. Other popular types are sliding windows, which open on a track, and hopper windows, which open inwardly. Depending on your specific tastes, you can have one style of window or a combination of different windows installed throughout your home.

    If you need assistance choosing replacement windows for your house, Wallside Windows in Detroit can assist you. We have years of experience in the window industry and custom-build each and every one of our windows. Talk to one of our friendly window specialists by calling (313) 292-4400 today.

    The Latest Trend in Bay Windows

    Last updated 4 months ago

    Over the past few years, bay windows have gotten some significant upgrades to their traditional look. Now, bay windows are larger and can add a degree of uniqueness to nearly any home. To learn more about the latest trend in bay windows, continue reading below. If you would like to have a bay window installed in your home, make an appointment with your local window replacement specialist.

    Space Enhancements
    Bay windows have changed considerably in size over the years. While older bay windows used to be quite small, modern bay windows are now much larger. In fact, designers are installing these windows in order to add extra square footage to rooms. Consequently, after having one of these new bay windows put into their house, homeowners can move extra furniture and accessories into the updated space, giving their residence a minor makeover.

    Glass Upgrades
    The glass options on bay windows have come a long way. Now, many bay windows are being crafted with different types of glass, which gives these windows a unique appearance and promotes a great deal of privacy. For instance, in a single home, there might be a bay window that has translucent glass, and in another spot in the house, a bay window with frosted glass.

    More Seating
    One of the best features bay windows is that they have built-in window seating. Happily, designers have expanded on this concept and are installing bay windows that have more seating options. This means that if you have a great view of the outdoors from your house, your whole family can sit down and enjoy it with you by the bay window.

    The bay window is a window option that can look great in any home. For more information about bay windows or to learn more about the installation process, call Wallside Windows. Our staff of professionals is committed to providing our customers with the most reliable window replacement services in Michigan. Make an appointment with us by calling (313) 292-4400 today. 

    Window Treatment Ideas for Girls' Rooms

    Last updated 4 months ago

    Designing or renovating a girl’s bedroom can be tough. This is especially true when it comes to deciding on the right window treatment as there are so many window options to choose from. If you need some assistance with this decision-making process, just watch this helpful video.

    In this video, a remodeling expert discusses how to create a window to match the theme and color of a girl’s room. By watching, you will get some great tips for choosing a window treatment and learn how to use dark colors, such as black, to accentuate lighter colors, such as pink in the overall design.

    To learn more about designing custom window treatments, call Wallside Windows in Detroit at (313) 292-4400. We have been in business for decades and install windows in thousands of homes every year throughout Michigan, so you can rely on our level of expertise and the quality of our replacement windows. 

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