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    How to Dress Up Your Large Windows with Great Window Treatments

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Window treatments add style and color to your home, helping windows to blend in with the rest of your décor. Curtains, drapes, and shades can also add insulation, keeping your home more comfortable throughout the year.

    If you have large windows in your home, it can be somewhat challenging to find the right treatment from a stock of ready-made products. This video discusses how you can dress up your windows without overspending on custom-made treatments for your windows. A window scarf is one beautiful and cost-effective method to add color and soften the edges of a large window.

    Are you looking for replacement windows in the Detroit area? Wallside Windows offers custom windows in any size, style and finish you can imagine. Click through our website to view our products or call (313) 292-4400 to reach us today.

    Behind the Scenes at the Wallside Windows Factory

    Last updated 6 months ago

    Choosing the right replacement windows for your home is an important decision. However, it’s just as important to choose a company with an outstanding reputation for quality products and installation. Wallside Windows isn’t simply a replacement window installer—we are also the factory, ensuring your windows have been made specifically for your needs and meet our company’s extremely high standards of quality.

    The Wallside Windows factory makes approximately 800 new windows each day. Despite this large volume, our goal is to ensure each window of your home works in perfect harmony with the others. When you order a set of replacement windows from Wallside Windows, we will manufacture each of your windows one after the other throughout the entire process to ensure quality and uniformity.

    At Wallside Windows, we embrace the latest in window technology to provide you with the greatest benefits. We guarantee our work for 35 years because we are confident in the construction techniques and materials that go into each of our windows. Our factory has recently invested over one million dollars in the latest window spacer technology, which improves each window’s insulating properties to save you money on heating and cooling for years to come. Our Intercept warm edge window technology also reduces condensation and improves the window’s structural integrity, resulting in a product we are proud to sell.

    Vinyl windows are prized for their versatility and durability. Wallside Windows offers a variety of vinyl window options to meet your needs and stylistic preferences. Whether you want to replace windows of a standard size or add windows that are custom-made, we can accommodate your wishes at an affordable price because we manufacture your windows ourselves, rather than going through a separate supplier.

    Wallside Windows is pleased to offer custom-built vinyl windows with a 35-year guarantee in Detroit and beyond. You can find out more about our replacement window products and technology by calling (313) 292-4400 or clicking through our comprehensive website to view our current special offers

    Signs That It Is Time to Replace Your Windows

    Last updated 6 months ago

    New windows enhance the visual appeal of your home and can save you hundreds on heating and cooling by replacing old, broken, or deteriorating glass and frames. Learning to spot the signs that it’s time to replace your windows will provide you with the head start you need to take your time and get all the information necessary to choose the best type of replacement windows to enhance your home.

    Visible Deterioration

    One of the easiest signs to spot that indicates the need for new windows is visible deterioration of your current windows or frames. Is the glass of your home’s windows cracked, warped, or scratched? Do you see signs of crumbling caulk or window frames on the inside or outside of your home? Have you discovered condensation between the panes of double- or triple-pane windows? Damaged or worn windows can reduce both the curb appeal and interior aesthetics of your home. If you’re constantly trying to hide the state of your home’s windows, it’s time to consider replacing them.

    Sticky Windows
    Windows are designed to not only let in light, but provide fresh air for your home as well. Consistent trouble opening and closing your windows could signal the need to replace them. Sticky windows may be due to a variety of factors, including sashes that are painted shut, broken or worn parts, and warping of the window frame or glass. Some of these issues can be easily repaired to restore functionality. However, if you are encountering multiple sticky windows throughout your home or small repairs are not effective, replacement could be your best option to address the underlying factors causing your windows to stick.

    Are you noticing drafts, sticky windows, or visible signs of damage when you inspect the windows of your home? Wallside Windows offers affordable custom-made replacement windows installed by our experienced and highly-trained professionals You can find out more about our window, glass, and installation options by clicking through the information on our website. Call (313) 292-4400 to discuss your home’s replacement window needs with one of our friendly staff.

    The Benefits of Argon Gas

    Last updated 6 months ago

    Energy-efficient windows reduce thermal transmission between your home and your surroundings. By reducing the amount of heat that is lost or gained, these windows can minimize the costs of heating and cooling your home throughout the year. Double- and triple-paned windows consist of two or three panes of glass separated by an empty space. Filling this space with Argon gas offers increased thermal insulation and improves the performance of these windows. Argon is a naturally-occurring element that is inert, meaning it will not react with other elements or gases. Using Argon in your triple- or double-paned windows slows the process of heat transference, improving the windows’ insulating properties by several percent. This translates directly into visible energy savings through lower energy bills.

    Wallside Windows utilizes Argon gas in the construction of our windows, offering you the maximum energy-saving benefits when you choose to replace your windows with our products. You can learn more about our ENERGY STAR-certifiable replacement windows and saving money on your utility costs by calling (313) 292-4400 or checking us out on the web. 

    Why You Should Consider Low-E Glass

    Last updated 6 months ago

    There are many types of glass available for your replacement windows. Today, many building codes require low-E glass in new buildings, making it an option you’ll definitely want to consider for your home as well.

    Low-E windows reduce the amount of heat transfer between your home and the outdoor environment. Using this glass in replacement windows will keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. You can see the difference low-E glass windows can make in your home and learn more about the various low-E coatings available by watching this informative video. 

    Would you like to learn more about your low-E glass options in Michigan? Contact Wallside Windows today by calling (313) 292-4400 or chat with us live on our website to get the answers you need when choosing your home’s replacement windows. You can find more information about selecting windows and glass on our blog. 

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