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    Window Styles 101

    Last updated 4 months ago

    Replacing your home’s windows can be an exciting process. There are a variety of window styles to choose from, each with its own unique appeal. Choosing the right style of window will complement both your home’s interior and exterior to increase comfort, appeal, and value.

    Double-Hung Windows
    Double-hung windows are one of the most popular styles of windows used in homes throughout the U.S. These windows offer a traditional design comprised of an upper and lower sash. One or both of the sashes may slide vertically to allow the window to open; some double-hung windows also feature sashes that tilt inward or outward to catch the breeze and facilitate cleaning.

    Casement Windows
    Casement windows are another popular window style, typically found in more modern or contemporary homes. A casement window employs a hinged sash that may be side-hung, top-hung, or bottom-hung; top-hung casement windows are sometimes called awning windows. Side-hung casement windows are the most common style, and swing either inward or outward in their sill like a door. Casement windows are typically crank-operated, and can include one or many panes of glass.

    Picture Windows
    A picture window is a non-mobile window that may be used alone or in conjunction with other windows. Picture windows are often used in areas that feature appealing outdoor views. These windows typically consist of a single pane of glass with no glazing bars to maximize visibility of the landscape beyond.

    Bay Windows
    Bay windows protrude from the flat wall of your home. A bay window actually consists of three or more separate windows set at angles to each other, creating additional interior space. Bay windows may or may not be mobile, and can incorporate styles such as double-hung or casement windows inside each panel.

    Wallside Windows specializes in replacement windows throughout Detroit and other parts of Michigan. We can help you choose the right type of window to enhance your home’s appearance, and typical installation takes less than a day. Click through our website or call (313) 908-5243 to find out more about our 35-year Wallside Windows Factory Guarantee

    How to Wash Your Windows Like a Professional

    Last updated 4 months ago

    Crystal clear windows improve the look of your home’s interior and provide an unhindered view of the landscape outdoors. However, many homeowners struggle with window washing techniques that don’t yield professional-quality results.

    This video will show you how to clean your windows like a professional using a few low-cost tools. You’ll need a bucket, a microfiber cloth, dishwashing liquid, and a combination squeegee and scrubber that you can purchase at any local home improvement store. Use the scrubber portion of the tool to clean your windows, then squeegee them dry to prevent streaks and spotting.

    Regular cleaning will keep your Wallside windows looking like new for years to come. Our replacement windows and installation process are 100% satisfaction guaranteed! You can find more professional window maintenance tips on our blog, or call (313) 908-5243 to discuss your replacement window options in Detroit

    Questions You Should Ask Your Window Installer

    Last updated 4 months ago

    When it’s time to install replacement windows in your Michigan home, hiring a professional installer will ensure the job is done properly. Before you schedule installation, asking a few questions will help you prepare for this process. Knowing what you can expect and what to do if there is an issue will make your window installation proceed more smoothly.

    How Long Will Installation Take?
    It’s perfectly reasonable to ask for an estimate of the time it will take to replace your windows. Make sure the estimate you are given includes time for setup, cleanup, and the removal of your old windows in addition to the installation of new ones. A typical window installation will take a day, but it may take longer if you have a high number of windows or large, custom-built windows.

    Is Your Work Factory-Authorized?
    A factory-authorized installer is specially trained to install a specific brand—or brands—of product. It is preferable to choose a factory-authorized installer to replace your windows because you know they will have experience with the type of window you want in your home. This will not only minimize the time it takes to replace your windows, but ensure any nuances of the product you’ve chosen will be addressed as well.

    How Will You Protect My Home?
    As with any home improvement work, there is likely to be dust and debris generated during your window installation. Find out how your installer plans to protect your home during this process—generally, tarps or sheets are spread both indoors and out to keep debris from affecting your interior or landscaping. If you have any special requests or concerns, discuss these with your installer ahead of time.

    At Wallside Windows, we are not only the installers—we are the factory, too! If any parts break during transit or installation, we can have a new window at your home quickly to avoid delays. Call us today at (313) 908-5243 or visit our website to find out more about our friendly, efficient, and professional replacement window installation process. 

    A Look at the Role Windows Play in Your Home Security

    Last updated 4 months ago

    Windows represent one of many access points into your home. However, the right security measures will ensure your windows keep invaders out while protecting your family and your belongings. Windows don’t need to represent a security hazard if you take the time and effort to ensure they don’t create an appealing entry point.

    Regardless of the type of windows in your home, there are locking mechanisms that can prevent them from being opened. Talk to your window retailer about locking options before your purchase your windows. Evaluate your options and choose a locking mechanism that will keep your windows secure but still provide quick release if you need to get out of your home in case of a fire or other emergency. Don’t forget to add locks to sliding glass doors and garden windows, which can also provide a tempting target for intruders. Your window retailer can help you make the right choice for your needs prior to installation.

    Ground-level windows are more easily accessible to passersby than those in upper stories. Walk around your home and evaluate your first-floor windows in terms of accessibility. You can easily hinder access to ground-level windows by placing trees, shrubs, or other landscaping elements in front of them. Laying rocks or gravel underneath windows makes it impossible to sneak up to them unheard, which can also deter intruders. On upper stories, consider windows that may be accessible from nearby trees, telephone poles, or other structures. Keep tree branches trimmed so they don’t offer access to your roof or windows, and make sure all windows and sliding glass doors accessible by balcony have locking mechanisms in place.

    At Wallside Windows, we offer a variety of replacement window options to enhance your home’s appearance while providing excellent home security. If you have questions about how to secure your replacement windows, we have the answers—just call us at (313) 908-5243 to speak with an experienced representative about your needs. Check out our blog to find more articles about window safety and security.

    "What once was an eye sore at every window is now a piece of art." | Wallside Window Review

    Last updated 4 months ago

    We have had our new windows for a week and a half now. Every Associate that we dealt with through the entire process, right from the 1st phone call was very professional, knowledgeable of the product and pleasant in their communications. We were given a very fair price and everything was completed in the time line we were given. Right from the time... More
    Orville and Rosie Smith

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